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  • Photobiology and LED Technology
    Recently some companies in USA claimed, “Unlike our competitors who mostly sourced from China, all our products are done here in USA”. In this way they are trying to distinguish themselves from others. Though they don’t tell the details out of business ethic, still it makes sense.
  • How does Light Spectrum affect Plant Growth?
    Before we begin, first we need to know how much light spectrum we have in the universe. Like showed in figure below, what human eyes can see (visible spectrum) is just part of the whole light bands, and that doesn’t mean plants don’t use lights we can’t see, such as UV and IR.
  • HID vs. LED
    HID, short for High Intensity Discharge, are lights using gas discharge to emit light, which has been dominant in the market for decades because of its advantage in raw material cost and mature technology. But now it seems a new star - Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) will put an end to that situation. How? This leads to another question, what can you benefit from LEDs?
  • ZSP solutions of led grow lights
    ZSP solutions of led grow lights for lettuce in Dominican
    1.Project original need 1)Emitting Color: Red, Blue in 5:1 2)Looking for one meter strips with similar size of aluminum heat sinks 3)Shelf size: 1.5 meter X 12 meter shelves X 5 4)Height between each shelf: a feet (30.48cm) 5)Height of light hanging: 8 inches to 10 inches above grow area