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ZSP is short for ZSP Technology, takes the meaning of Zealous, Smart and Popular, and is a Hi-tech corporation in LED grow lights and related products for plants in agriculture, horticulture and indoor growing.

First, all ZSP products are not only based on LED technology, they are also the combination of photobiology, since its plants they are going to serve. So we have built close relationship with biology teams in universities and institute of science here.

Second, we have a long sight in products design, for example, taking the IoT (Internet of things) into consideration. So all our products can be connected to the IoT system and controlled by computer and cell phone.

Third, all new products need to be tested with plants in our show room as well as partners’ greenhouse for several grow cycles before they go to the market. It’s plants who give the QC pass!

Not really, in fact ZSP is a manufacturer with strength in R&D and equipped with factories. That’s what keeps us as a leader in this industry with a reliable tailored solution for every customer. And we sell to customers all over the world.

Yes, but currently mainly in domestic market. In overseas market, our main strategy is to look for the qualified strategic partners for distribution, either in ZSP brand or OEM. Any end user with the importation authority is welcome to order too. If with ZSP brand, there is no MOQ for trial order. If for OEM, it depends on project details.

It’s a wide range from 15W to hundreds of watts. As mentioned, we have R&D team and factories, which allows us to provide customizable solutions and products for you. So OEM and ODM are available here. So in theory, any watts are possible.

For fixed LED grow lights, maybe not. But as our LED grow lights are programmable ones with light spectrum and intensity control, so the answer is YES.

Well, there are a lot you can benefit

  • First, 50% power cost saving, based on its high light efficiency (lumens per watt)
  • Second, less heat, and this means cost reduction in air conditioning
  • Third, Specific Spectrum and Programmable, more specific in the plants need
  • Fourth, longer lifespan, further lower your cost without any bulbs changing trouble

So in fact LEDs are much more cost-effective even if it is a little expensive in initial purchase for lights. And LED grow lights with its increasing advantage in every aspect will replace the older HIDs gradually in green house, indoor growing and plant research center.

It depends on your applications scene. Generally, LED grow lights with same watts has a twice effect compared to traditional grow lights, for example, 200W LED equals to 400W HIDs.

On average, LEDs last around 50,000 hours, but there are some cheap ones in the market which cannot work for so long time. So ask them before you buy, which LEDs chip do they use?

When we say ‘effective’, we mean it. LED grow lights are very special since plants will never lie. Unlike other products, led grow lights should work WELL instead of just working.

While you are choosing suppliers, don’t choose the ones who used to be in LED regular lights industry and then turned into LED grow lights business with only LED technology. You need to focus on whether they have photobiology technology support from institutes or academies of science etc. This will ensure they know what the plants really need instead of simply copying samples they buy from the market. Another important thing is, if possible you’d better take a look at their products test area with plants in green house or elsewhere.

Warranty is 3 years both in material and workmanship.

RMA Policy
  • For defects happen before application, if caused by ZSP, then new replacement should be sent to customers ASAP with freight covered by ZSP. Root cause and other issue can be discussed later.
  • For any defects happen after application during the warranty should be treated by ZSP with a response within one working day. If it is defect in material or workmanship, then ZSP will either repair it or send new replacement immediately with freight cost shared. And old customers enjoy no question replacement priority.
  • As to defects occur exceeding the warranty, ZSP still has the obligation to positively help customers solve the problem. If any cost occurs, it should be at the users’ expense.