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Freely rotated spot LED grow light ZPSE602 series

Freely rotated spot LED grow light ZPSE602 series


For indoor ornamental plants, they need sufficient light to keep well growing, that's when you need ZSP freely rotated spot light ZPSE602 series, which is very smart since it can detect the light and people activity around, and only light up in the daytime when there is no people around, thus coordinating the different needs of people and indoor plants. Taking the recessed type, it has an advantage over track light and ceiling light in flexibility.


  • Freely rotated in different angle
  • Smart detection of people activity and light intensity around
  • Recessed like ceiling lights


  • Input Voltage (Customizable):185-265Vac, 100-120Vac, 200-240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:15W, 25W or 35W
  • Management:Light sensor, Human motion sensor, Intelligent judgment and control
  • Dimming:2 Channel
  • Red Wavelength:665nm
  • Blue Wavelength:445nm
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF):31µmol/s(15W); 52µmol/s(25W); 73µmol/s(35W)
  • Spectrum Mix:Default Red(80%) and Blue(20%) mix


  • Indoor ornamental plants

Patent Owned

  • 201710021671.X Invention Patent
  • 201720042999.5 Utility Model Patent
  • ZL 2016 2 0429423.X Utility Model Patent

Order Information

PN Description
ZPSE602-15 15W, PPF 31µmol
ZPSR602-25 25W, PPF 52µmol
ZPSR602-35 35W, PPF 73µmol

PN Note: e.g. ZPDT802-45

  • ZP--ZSP, short for ZSP-Tech.
  • D--Dimming, light intensity and spectrum dimmable. S--Smart. DS--Dimming and Smart.
  • T--Tube, like T8 etc. M--Mining Light. B--Bar, light bar without enclosure. R--Rail light. E--Elephant, lights looks like trunk.
  • 80--industrial application. 60--commercial and home application.
  • 2--channel, 2channels
  • 45--power consumption, 45watts

Freely rotated spot light

Freely rotated spot light(2)

Freely rotated spot light(3)