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Led grow light bar ZPDB802 series

Led grow light bar ZPDB802 series


ZPDB802 series is a cost-effective solution for scene with close irradiation distance in large scale, such as vertical cultivation plant factories and other indoor grow facilities.

ZPDB802 series take constant-current drive, of which the efficiency is improved by 30% compared to traditional constant-voltage driving with current limiting resistance, reducing the heat output and defective points, thus making it more reliable. ZPDB802 is compatible with ZSP control system, which can detect the number of light bars in a single system and control it according to light bars connected while keeping the light intensity and spectrum the same. All the end user need to do is adding (or removing) the light bars into or out of the system, simple and easy.

ZPDB802 series has two independent output channels for full red or blue spectrum respectively to get the max. efficiency, of course it is also available for light bar with mixed diodes. And the voltage used is the safe 48V DC power for people. The smart feature mentioned above enables ZPDB802 to be controlled remotely with light intensity and spectrum changeable to feed the different plants at any growth stage. So it's very easy to build a huge LED grow system based Modbus protocol with ZPDB802 series.


  • Programmable spectrum and light intensity control for any growth stage, saving cost in purchase, maintenance and stock
  • Strong power and configurable for different plants
  • Low voltage drive, keep people safe
  • Standard Modbus protocol, easy for any third party integration
  • Tough design for high temperature and humidity environment
  • 30% more efficiency than constant-voltage driving
  • Reliability improved by 80% than constant-voltage driving
  • Smart and compatible with Modbus protocol, plug and play
  • Cost-effective and flexible to increase or decrease the system capacity
  • In system light bar is connected in parallel without resistance, no extra heat output and defective points added
  • 5 Year Warranty.


  • Input Voltage:45V-52V DC
  • Max. Current:7A
  • Power Consumption:0-350W
  • Management:485-A based Modbus standard
  • Dimming:2 Channel
  • Red Wavelength:665nm
  • Blue Wavelength:445nm
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF):316µmol/s(150W); 738 µmol/s(350W)
  • Spectrum Mix:Full Red, Full Blue or any mix between them
  • Default 1:Length 1200mm, 20W, 5B15C(R)+2B12C(B)
  • Default 2:Length 579mm, 10.4W, 3B15C(R)+2B12C(B)


  • vertical cultivation in plant factories and other indoor grow facilities
  • Light bar can be configured with clear shade
  • Installation by both ends fixed or hung with a panel
  • Length and diodes of light bar customizable

Patent Owned

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Order Information

PN Description
ZPDB802-150 15W, PPF 31µmol
ZPSR602-25 150W, PPF 316µmol
ZPDB802-350 350W, PPF 738µmol

PN Note: e.g. ZPDT802-45

  • ZP--ZSP, short for ZSP-Tech.
  • D--Dimming, light intensity and spectrum dimmable. S--Smart. DS--Dimming and Smart.
  • T--Tube, like T8 etc. M--Mining Light. B--Bar, light bar without enclosure. R--Rail light. E--Elephant, lights looks like trunk.
  • 80--industrial application. 60--commercial and home application.
  • 2--channel, 2channels
  • 45--power consumption, 45watts