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Photobiology and LED Technology

Recently some companies in USA claimed, “Unlike our competitors who mostly sourced from China, all our products are done here in USA”. In this way they are trying to distinguish themselves from others. Though they don’t tell the details out of business ethic, still it makes sense.

To explain why, here is a detailed LED grow lights market situation analysis in China. Based in mainland, we have a deep view of the whole market. In fact, most of the LED grow lights factories are the ones who used to be in LED lighting industry, and then turned into the development of LED grow lights around two or three years ago. How? Simply by buying some samples from the market, analyzing its structure and proportion of LEDs and then made new ones. So the lights look great, but may not be good enough to help the plants. Why?

Because LED grow lights are special fixtures to help the plants grow related to photosynthesis. So LED technology only is far not enough to make good LED grow lights, which is supposed to be based on Photobiology. Here is what you may want to know in looking for the best partner.

Photobiology team

Photobiology is the scientific study of the interactions of light and living organisms. Cooperation with Photobiology team (often universities and science institute) is a must since they are the ones who have been analyzing the plants for decades, and know exact the need of plants including light intensity and spectrum at each growth stage for each stain. Combine these research results with the LED technology, a good LED grow light will be possible and realistic.


Unlike the other industrial products, LED grow lights work with plants. This unique feature determines that it cannot be only tested in factory before going to the market. And a long-term comprehensive test with plants in lab and green house is very necessary before mass production.

How ZSP differ

First, from the very beginning, we started with complicated programmable LED grow lights with spectrum and intensity of light wavelength control remotely. So we are professional in it. After the R&D for several years, the products are finally done. Of course, with the support from our partners in photobiology, two universities and two institutes in science and agriculture.

ZSP Partners

Now our Led grow lights have been tested in partners’ greenhouse and plant factory for years and turned out to be very effective.