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T8 LED grow light ZPDT802 series

Two channels network T 8 LED grow lights--ZPDT802 series


ZPDT802 series is T8 LED grow lights with light intensity and spectrum dimmable via Modbus protocol. It is reliable for long-term running under the allowed temperature range at 45watts and the max power can be up to 60W.

ZPDT802 series has extremely high lighting power density (LPD), together with its dimmable light intensity and spectrum, it can help on the light spectrum needed by different plants from vegetation to bloom. All these make it a perfect solution for research center and indoor grow facilities which needs high intensity light in a short distance and where the plants change a lot.

Via ZSP control system, ZPDT802 series can change the light intensity and spectrum sequentially, simulate the sunrise/ sunset in different seasons. And it can run automatically according to the pre-programmed spectrum mix, so this will lower the technical requirement on workers as well as their work load, thus improving the efficiency and accuracy.

ZPDT802 series can work alone or be integrated in system managed by ZSP software or third-party one compliant with Modbus protocol.


  • Programmable spectrum and light intensity control for any growth stage, saving cost in purchase, maintenance and stock
  • Strong power and configurable for different plants
  • Low voltage drive, keep people safe
  • Standard Modbus protocol, easy for any third party integration
  • Tough design for high temperature and humidity environment
  • 5 Year Warranty.


  • Input Voltage:45V-52V DC
  • Max. Current:1.4A
  • Power Consumption:0-60W
  • Management:485-A based Modbus standard
  • Dimming:2 Channel
  • Red Wavelength:665nm
  • Blue Wavelength:445nm
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF):95µmol/s(45W); 126 µmol/s(60W)
  • Spectrum Mix:Full Red, Full Blue or any spectrum mix


  • Research center in compact space
  • Indoor grow facilities with different plants

Patent Owned (No.)

  • 201720117846.2 Utility Model Patent
  • 201710069610.0 Invention Patent
  • 201720043000.9 Utility Model Patent
  • ZL201620429423.X Utility Model Patent

Order Information

PN Description
ZPDT802-45 45W, PPF 95;mol/s
ZPDT802-60 60W, PPF 126mol/ s

PN Note: e.g. ZPDT802-45

  • ZP--ZSP, short for ZSP-Tech.
  • D--Dimming, light intensity and spectrum dimmable. S--Smart. DS--Dimming and Smart.
  • T--Tube, like T8 etc. M--Mining Light. B--Bar, light bar without enclosure. R--Rail light. E--Elephant, lights looks like trunk.
  • 80--industrial application. 60--commercial and home application.
  • 2--channel, 2channels
  • 45--power consumption, 45watts